Important Setup and Operational Notes. V090920

  • Please Take Time to Read the Enclosed Printed Quick Setup Guide and Online User Guide.
  • There is both a User Guide and Video Guides available on AUDEA
  • The User Guide and Video Guides are located on the AUDEA product itself on the ? “HELP” page.
  • The User Guide is also located on the Audea web site.
  • If you have questions you can also send a Support Request on the ? “HELP” Page or web site.

  1. The Backup Battery Needs to have at Least 10% Charge Before Powering up AUDEA.
  • If AUDEA does not turn on then let it charge for about 10 minutes and retry.
  • Check the battery % charge level on the display by unplugging and re-plugging in the power.

  1. If you Experience Any Problems, try Unplugging and Re-Plugging in the Power and Restarting.

  1. Not All Android Apps Run on AUDEA.  Uninstall any App that causes problems.
  • TO INSTALL NEW APP - Tap on app drawer at bottom – open Google Play Store and install app.

  1. Closing Apps.  Learn how to gesture swipe open and close Apps in the Running Apps Carousel.
  • To Open - Swipe from left to right the edge of Home screen.  Swipe close apps as needed.
  • Back Button.  Use the center-right white arrow “Back Button” to go back in Apps and to Home.

  1. If AUDEA Volume Sounds Lower than Normal, you need to Reset the Android Volume Setting.

This "High Volume Limiter" is to prevent from listening to high volume music on their headphones

This setting should be configured but if for some reason it is not these are instructions on how to fix it.

Temporary Quick Fix to High Volume Limiter

  • If you notice that the maximum volume is lower, then follows these steps to correct it:
  • Open Android Media Sound volume by clicking on Settings “COG” – Android – Sound.
  • Manually raise by sliding the slider, the Media Sound volume to maximum.
  • If a warning prompt appears, click OK and then manually raise the volume to maximum.

Permanent Fix to High Volume Limiter

  • To permanently fix this issue follow these steps:

1)  Open the Android Settings

2) Scroll down and click on System - Advanced - About Tablet

3) Tap 7 times on "Build number".  

4) It will count down the 7 taps and then say "You are now a developer".

5) Go back one page and click on Developers Options

6) Scroll down to "Disable absolute volume" (move the slider to the right and blue)

This will disable the high volume limiter so your high volume will not be limited.

  1. Google Assistant® Voice Control is Normally Slow or May Not Launch when it is First Launched.
  • Note: In order to use the Google Assistant “Wake Command” you must train it with your voice.
  • Refer to the section on how to train Google Assistant with your voice.
  • Using Google Assistant to play Spotify® music may not always display correct cover art.


  1. The Power Button is Designed to be Raised at a Slant to Reduce the Force Needed to Press it.
  • It is best to leave the unit powered on.  The clock screen saver will auto turn on after 30 mins.

  1. Remote.  Remove plastic battery protector.  You have to install the battery at a slant to fit properly.  
  • The Remote is the easiest way to control volume, play, pause and wake up Google Assistant.
  • You have to first start a song in an App to use the Remote.

10. SoundMate Pop Noise on startup. This is a known issue that is heard when you first startup AUDEA.

There is a planned fix for this issue in a future software update.

11. Audio does not sound as clear as it normally does.  

In AUDEA settings try disabling and enabling "Stereo" mode on the Speaker (AUDEA) and the Aux Out Speaker.  

It is possible someone inadvertently selected the wrong mode and it did not revert back to stereo.

There is a planned fix for this issue in a future software update.

12. Touch Panel gets warm or AUDEA shuts down from overheating.

If the touch panel gets overly warm or AUDEA shots down from overheating then:

1) Change the time that the display goes into screen saver mode.

In Android Settings - click on Display - Advanced - Sleep and reduce the time.

2) If you need the display on continuously then try reducing the display brightness.

In Android Settings - click on Display - Brightness level and reduce the brightness.

We hope you enjoy your AUDEA®.

Thank you for choosing AUDEA!

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